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Iberchem Group Awarded by the COIE And The University of Murcia for Its Support of Extracurricular Education

  • Iberchem Fragrances
  • 4 December, 2019
  • Categories: Corporate

During a ceremony hosted by the COIE (Centro de Orientación e Información de Empleo) and the University of Murcia, Iberchem Group was honoured for its constant support to both organizations and its contribution to the success of their extracurricular programs. “Every year, Iberchem Group welcome dozens of interns into its…

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Chypre, a perfume with a 4000-years history

  • Iberchem Fragrances
  • 21 November, 2019
  • Categories: Scents, History

Cyprus, the Mediterranean island and birthplace of Aphrodite – the mythological Greek goddess of love – lends its French name to one of the most successful and long-lasting fragrance families. What is not mythological, but rather discovered by archaeologists, is the fact that the island was home to the oldest…

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The enigma of scent: brain or nose?

  Can you recognise hundreds of perfumes? When you enter a place, is how it smells the first thing you detect? What most people understand by the word smell actually refers to thousands of molecules that activate tiny sensors in our nostrils. To say that we smell with our noses…

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