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Iberchem currently employs a broad team of experienced perfumers, all offering a versatile expertise in fragrance development. Such experience is undoubtedly a distinctive and competitive asset in the sector, from which our clients can benefit directly to create unique scents for their brand.

Furthermore, constant investments in R&D ensure we keep ourselves up to date with the latest advances in the sector using modern technology to offer competitive solutions. All our fragrances are tailor-made, complying with the production methods and formulation of each customer.


Fine Fragrances

With over three decades of experience, we excel in creating exclusive fragrances for brands across the world. With an extraordinary palette of ingredients at their disposal, our perfumers craft enticing scents, on the cutting edge of the latest trends of each market.



Personal Care

A fragrance is fundamental to the success of a body care range, as it shapes the entire consumer experience and perception of the brand. Be it for body mists, shampoos, for cosmetics or even a face cream, we will work with you to create the perfect scent for your product, broaden your market and strengthen your brand.



Home Care

Home care fragrances are exceptionally important to the consumer and can have a notable impact on the success of your brand. Lemon, pine, beeswax, eucalyptus… we create classic scents for home care products alongside new fusions and fragrances that match the aspirations as well as the practical requirements of your brand.



Fabric Care

Using cutting edge technology and our own framed microencapsulated perfumes, our laundry care fragrances work harder, last longer and are more affordable than the industry average. From laundry bar soaps to liquid detergents and fabric softeners, our marketing and manufacturing expertise have contributed to the success of fabric care products throughout the world.



Air Care

Air care products such as air fresheners, scented candles, diffusers and room sprays are all about fragrance. Their commercial success stands or falls by the characteristic and behaviour of their scent. With our state of the art facilities – and decades of perfumery experience – we can develop and produce air care fragrances that respond perfectly to your needs.



Fragrance Technologies

Iberchem relies on its own in-house fragrance technologies department consisting of scientists specialised in the research and analysis of odours and fragrances. Our customers can count on the know-how of our experts to improve the performance of their fragrances, at any in-use stage and across any given application. From air care to laundry care, discover our range of exclusive technologies tailor-made to improve the efficiency of your fragrance and enhance user performance.

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