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The Madina Mursiya Interpretation Center will now feature a whole new olfactory dimension developed by Iberchem

With the aim of connecting with Murcia Andalusí’s bygone days, 4 rooms of the tour will be permanently scented with aromas from that period.

Iberchem, the fragrance manufacturing company from Murcia, will permeate the rooms of the Madina Mursiya Interpretation Center, in the Region of Murcia, with its aromas. Since its inauguration last Friday, April 26th, Iberchem has been fully involved in the creation of this truly multisensory experience. Admission to the exhibition will be free and uninterrupted until the end of 2025.

Evoking the splendor of medieval Murcia through the senses has been a real challenge for Iberchem’s experts. The team of perfumers and fragrance evaluators, including their fragrance selection process, has been extremely busy developing fragrances in keeping with the period to provide the perfect ambience for the Center. Visitors are thus drawn into an enriching and engaging encounter with the city’s past.

“To determine the smells, we used the storyline and scenario of the visit itself. One such example would be the smell of spices brought from faraway places blended together with the leather of the harnesses,” so says Maria Angeles Lopez, Global Project Manager at Iberchem. “The real challenge has been to create a large setting with recognizable smells for the general public, complementing the site and enhancing the immersive experience,” she concludes.

Madina Mursiya Interpretation Center interview


In a fully immersive experience, visitors will be able to follow the trail of the imposing Medieval Wall. The visitors’ interest in its history and culture will be stirred and heightened with the fragrances truly engaging all of their senses, especially regarding the funerary rituals beneath the starry skies. Strategically placed lights, sounds, and smells will evoke recreated scenes from the ninth century all the way to the splendor of the thirteenth century.

“We have been planning this Interpretation Center for quite some time. However, from the outset we had a clear mission, which was that everyone should have access to it, not only the select few” emphasizes Francisco Guerao, architect and director of the museum project. “Being an immersive center, everyone will be able to experience the sensation of getting to know this Andalusian City as it really was in the 12th century through their visual, acoustic and, of course, olfactory senses,” he concludes.