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In-cosmetics 2023: Discovering the Neuroscience of Scent with Wavemotion

Wavemotion at in cosmetics 2023

On the occasion of in-cosmetics 2023, Iberchem was excited to present its latest neuroscientific investigation programme, Wavemotion.

Wavemotion will bring a new dimension to olfactive solutions as consumers are increasingly seeking a sensorial escape in their post-pandemic olfactive solutions (Mintel). According to Mintel reports, consumers are searching for fragrances which have a positive impact on their emotions and boost feelings of wellbeing. As a result, neuroscientific evaluation of interconnected brain structures, and investigation of how fragrances transform our emotional landscape, will unlock unprecedented possibilities for empowering fragrances that evoke positive feelings and boost emotional wellbeing…

Discovering the World of Wavemotion

Through Iberchem’s interactive, live on-stand experience, attendees were invited to discover the world of Wavemotion. By smelling four fragrances, each of which had been neuroscientifically tested and proven to boost a specific emotion, attendees learnt how olfaction has a pivotal role in determining consumers’ emotional state. With many attendees fascinated with how aromas can activate intense feelings and emotions before we even recognising the scent.

Choosing from either happy, invigorating, sensual, or relaxed, attendees smelled each fragrance and with the corresponding sticker, mapped which mood zone they sensed the fragrance enhanced onto the large white brain model at the front of Iberchem’s stand. As the event unfolded, the white brain filled with brightly coloured stickers, gradually unveiling distinctive patterns in each mood zone and explaining how each fragrance influenced the attendee’s emotional landscape.

“It was a delight to debut Wavemotion at in-cosmetics 2023.” Says Michael White, New Technologies Director at Iberchem, and lead of Iberchem’s Wavemotion programme. “The potential Wavemotion holds for enhancing our olfactive solutions is unprecedented; clear trends emerged on our brain model at the event and unveiled insights into how scent can influence neural responses to elevate consumer’s emotional landscape. I look forward to seeing how Wavemotion can positively influence our fragrance portfolio.”

The Exclusive Collection

Taking inspiration from the four mood zones presented at the front of the stand, four of our expert perfumers created their own signature scent which embodied a specific emotion.

This exclusive collection exhibited a personalised touch as each perfumer acquired inspiration from their own interpretation of the mood zone. From a sunny Spring afternoon to embody happiness, to a feminine silhouette to symbolise sensuality, attendees enjoyed speaking with our perfumers on-stand to gain insight into their creative process and unveil each layer of their signature fragrance.

“As a perfumer, my goal is to communicate through my creation, and for in-cosmetics 2023 I created “serene path”, a fragrance able to transport you to a pacific place to help you to switch off and relax.” Says Sandra Lucas, Perfumer at Iberchem. “It has been fascinating to see first-hand how our creations can change people’s emotions and mood. Understanding the relationship between scents and emotions with Wavemotion enables us to know ourselves much better as we identify our feelings and alter our mood – it’s very special.”

Iberchem’s debut of its latest investigation programme was a success with attendees excited to delve into the world of Wavemotion. By enhancing attendees’ knowledge of how aromas can transform the emotional landscapes and influence consumer behaviour, Wavemotion reveals unprecedented opportunity for the expansion of Iberchem’s fragrance portfolio.

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