The Neuroscience of Scent

Emotions play an important role in our everyday lives.
They compel us to take action and make decisions, influencing not only how we feel, but also the way we think and behave.

Olfaction has a pivotal role in determining consumers’ emotional state as aromas frequently activate intense feelings and emotions before consumers even recognise the scent.

How does this happen? Why does this happen?

Introducing Wavemotion. Our neuroscientific investigation programme to scientifically evaluate the impact of fragrance on human psychology and physiology.


Scientific Cognitive Evaluation

Utilising multi-dimensional, state-of-the-art neuroscientific techniques and physiological practices, Wavemotion will explore the processing of odour signals within the limbic system, which are important in determining emotional states. This scientific evaluation will unveil insights into how scent can influence positive neural responses to elevate consumer wellbeing.

With the expertise of neuroscientific specialists Michael White, New Technologies Director at Iberchem, will be leading the Wavemotion programme. “Wavemotion will bring a new dimension to the world of fragrance innovation” says Michael White, New Technologies Director at Iberchem.

“Understanding the functional connectivity and physiological correlates of emotion upon fragrance exposure, will reveal unprecedented opportunity for the expansion of Iberchem’s fragrance portfolio.”

-Michael White, New Technologies Director at Iberchem-

Transforming consumer emotional landscapes

Wavemotion will enhance our knowledge of how aromas can transform the emotional landscape of consumers. By investigating the network of interconnected structures in the brain, which are activated in the presence of odours, we aim to enable our perfumers to create mood-enhancing fragrances. From motivated and energised, to calm and focussed, there will be unique prospects for new fragrance solutions which focus on modulating emotions to improve consumer wellness with Wavemotion.