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Iberchem Advance their Journey to Improve Sustainable Sourcing

Natural Landscape in Latin America

As Iberchem works towards a better future for all, Iberchem shares in the common obligation to take responsibility for their impact throughout the supply chain. By actively progressing in its mission to ensure they source responsibly and sustainably, with assured traceability and transparency throughout the production chain, Iberchem hopes to continue to empower and respect producing communities around the globe through sustainable sourcing. Alongside striving to improve working conditions, Iberchem also wants to give longevity to natural resources so future generations have the same access to natural sources as we do today.

Through collaboration with NELIXIA, a Latin American company that delivers 100% natural, 100% traceable, ethically sourced ingredients, Iberchem hopes to positively progress towards more sustainable value chains. Iberchem is broadening its knowledge with NELIXIA as they learn to understand more about its impact on the whole value chain, and how Iberchem can increase its contribution toward positive, sustainable sourcing. This partnership will also help contribute towards Croda’s Commitment to be Climate, Land, and People Positive by 2030.

Today we sat down with Carole Bernard, Purchasing Specialist at Iberchem who first introduced the notion of collaborating with NELIXIA after meeting with co-founders Elisa Aragon, CEO, and Jean-Marie Maizener, COO, at an International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery.

What inspires you about NELIXIA’s sustainable sourcing fundamentals?

NELIXIA is a company dedicated to the manufacture of 100% natural products with the knowledge and protection of the source as a guideline.

At NELIXIA, human values take an essential place as social responsibility plays a very important role, and attachment to the environment is also very present. It is a company that cares about doing well and doing things right. For me, an example of a great business.

In order to produce raw materials of the highest quality and to ensure their continuity over time, NELIXIA has chosen to invest from the origin, starting with cultivation to extraction. They engage and collaborate rigorously with local producers. They work hand in hand with them and they help them by providing solutions, tools, and real know-how.

Also, relationships are based on trust and the establishment of win-win, sustainable, and long-term management. Moreover, respect for the environment and biodiversity is also strong in their commitment. They help communities to develop, to enrich themselves, and to guarantee access to this natural diversity for future generations.

Man stood in sustainable sourcing field

What encouraged you to introduce this NELIXIA partnership to Iberchem?

We met the co-founders of NELIXIA, Elisa and Jean-Marie, at an International Exhibition of Raw Materials for Perfumery. Both show great professionalism, they are so passionate about their job, and are people in the field with a lot of knowledge and great expertise. It is admirable to see such a commitment to local producers to increase the level of sustainable sourcing. It is an inspiring company with a great reputation in our sector.

For Iberchem, collaborating with NELIXIA and working on joint projects makes sense and will be very fruitful. Direct supply at the source with guaranteed traceability and transparency throughout the production chain. For us as a buyer, this will allow us to have a better knowledge of the products purchased and of the market.

Furthermore, just like Iberchem, social and environmental aspects are taken very seriously. Our two companies work hard on these topics and are committed to ensuring sustainable production while being benevolent in acting against climate change and minimising the environmental footprint.

What are you hoping to see from this partnership between Iberchem and NELIXIA?

 There is an African proverb that says: “Alone we go fast, together we go far”.

The objective of this partnership is to be able, at the level of our participation, to contribute and help NELIXIA to expand its range of products that are sustainably sourced while preserving the positive impact on communities. In addition, it is also an opportunity to establish a longer-lasting relationship based on trust and respect.

Latin American Landscape

What value do you think this sustainable sourcing project will bring?

Reinforcement of human values. Very often we believe that the raw materials used in fragrances are obtained quickly, automatically, and without difficulty. Natural products are very complex, the human work is considerable, and the conditions are not always obvious. Really understanding the efforts and methods put in place by NELIXIA will allow us to better value the work upstream even more. It is a chance for us to be able to participate in the improvement of social conditions in order to be able to enrich the quality of the product purchased. Also, to be able to muster the resources and commitments necessary to ensure a sustainable future with sustainable sourcing.

Reinforcement of environmental values. The importance of environmental protection if we wish to continue to use beautiful products in our fragrances and ensure the stability of qualities.

 What do you hope to see in the future for Iberchem and NELIXIA?

I sincerely hope that this collaboration between our two companies has only just begun and that we will work on many projects together. I hope to visit local producers in the near future to gain real insight into the many actions that NELIXIA carries out every day and participate in them personally. A meeting between the producers and Iberchem would be very enriching both personally and professionally to better understand the origin of our raw materials and the use of these in our compositions. The commitment is growing together!

Two ladies from Latin American Producing Communities

Iberchem shares in Nelixia’s mission to transform natural raw material sourcing by empowering producing communities, improving regenerative agriculture, and contributing towards poverty eradication. Iberchem is excited to see the positive impact this collaboration will create for producing communities and the environment, working towards a better future for all.