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Fragrance Diaries: Visiting Kannauj, Perfume Capital of India

What follows is a report of the trip taken by Guillaume Audy, Corporate Communication manager at Iberchem Group, together with Nikesh Budhrani, Managing Director of Iberchem India, to the city of Kannauj in India. India is a country rich in culture and traditions. I knew that if I were to…

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[Infographic] Mint: An Indian Treasure

India is home to a multitude of raw materials that our perfumers use on a daily basis in their creations: agarwood, citronella, jasmine, and of course, mint. The country accounts for around 80% of the world’s production of mint. To learn more about this ingredient, we have spent an afternoon…

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5 Questions With: Sampada Satam, Fragrance Evaluator

In a recent visit to Mumbai, we sat down with Sampada Satam, fragrance evaluator at our local creative center. Passionate about fragrances since her childhood, we asked her to tell us more about the importance of smells and fragrances in her life. What smell would you say is the most…

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