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World Environment Day: Iberchem Achieves AENOR Zero Waste Certification

Zero Waste Certification Iberchem

This World Environment Day, Iberchem is joining millions of people worldwide engaging to protect the planet and #BeatPlasticPollution.

By focusing its efforts to help ease the pressing environmental challenges of plastic pollution, Iberchem is proud to announce 100% of its plastic waste is recycled, and 99% of total waste generated by Iberchem is recycled and recovered giving it a new lease of life.

This extensive analysis by AENOR recognises Iberchem as a company that is committed to sustainability and the circular economy. This transformation of waste materials enables re-introduction into the value chain, ensuring a positive impact on the environment and active contribution towards the conservation of resources.

Compliance with waste valorisation processes further authenticates Iberchem’s clear commitment to sustainable fragrance creation, achieving another significant milestone in their sustainability programme. Avoiding depositing waste materials into landfills and reinstating economic value to waste residues shows Iberchem is also actively contributing towards Croda’s Commitment to be Climate and Land Positive by 2030, prioritising recycling and reusing waste as raw materials for new processes.

“Constant progress has been made since we achieved our first Zero Waste certification in 2021,” said Alfonso Albacete, Labour Risk Prevention Technician at Iberchem. “We are constantly looking for ways to improve and diversify how we manage our waste as we strive for 100% of our waste to be recycled and recovered into different economies. We are always on the lookout for companies specialising in “R” treatment of our waste in order to achieve 100% zero waste.”

“For this reason, we carefully select and analyse current and future suppliers before incorporating them into our management chain” continued Juan Fernando Fernandez, Management System Technician at Iberchem. “This year, for instance, we are searching for partnerships and collaborations with local businesses to achieve results better than ever before. I look forward to building upon the positive impact we have created to improve our waste management systems further.”

With this Zero Waste certification, Iberchem joins many large corporations setting industry environmental standards to ensure waste reclamation, value recovery, and beneficial reuse is instated as a standard model. By participating in the zero-waste movement, companies implement circular concepts to build a revitalising and reformative economy that aims to always conserve products and their components at their highest value and function.

To learn more about Iberchem’s commitment to sustainability, click here.



 AENOR is a leading certification body in Spain dedicated to society transformation by building trust between people and organisations through TIC (Testing, Inspection and Certification), training, and information services.

A global company, operating in 90 countries with more than 75,000 working centres around the world, AENOR has contributed to the standardisation and certification of conformity assessment helping organisations to overcome relevant competitiveness gaps.