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Prostate cancer: Creating awareness among Employees

charla cáncer de próstata iberchem

In order to mark International Prostate Cancer Day, Iberchem has organised several educational events at its headquarters to raise awareness of the disease and to encourage prompt and effective screening, diagnosis, and treatment.

To do so, the company enlisted the help of oncologist Francisco Javier Belmonte. All the attendees were extremely satisfied with this initiative and were very positive about Belmonte’s informative session.

Once the event was over, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Ramón Rodríguez (RR), an Iberchem perfumer, and Alfonso Albacete (AA), the Occupational Risk Prevention Officer who organised the event.

What prompted you to attend this talk about prostate cancer?

(RR) Well, I felt it was an excellent opportunity to find out a little more about this topic which I knew little about. It’s an issue that people don’t usually like to talk about unless it has affected them directly, and so it’s a great opportunity to share your questions and worries with a specialist.

Did the talk help you to have a better understanding of prostate cancer risk factors and prevention?

(RR) Yes, it was very enlightening. As well as helping us to be better informed, it has also helped us to clear up many questions and fears. In the Spanish media they tell us that it’s the most common cancer among men in our country, and that 1 in 5 men will get prostate cancer, and these are certainly frightening statistics. However, thanks to this talk, we learnt that it’s a very slow-growing cancer, with limited aggressiveness, and that the vast majority of men survive more than 10 years after their diagnosis.

The fact that the risk factors are mainly due to ethnicity or age means that we can’t do much more than have regular check-ups to try to detect it in time. It’s quite reassuring to know that this specific test has been included in the annual medical check-ups the company provides for workers over 45 years of age.



What is Iberchem’s commitment to providing this type of information?

(AA) The main aims are to educate and raise awareness among employees regarding risk factors and early detection, as well as providing information, implementing health and wellness programmes, offering preventive examinations and creating support mechanisms for affected employees.

By doing so, Iberchem isn’t only showing its social awareness, but it is also encouraging a healthier and more productive working environment.

What was the overall purpose of the talk and how do you think it has affected the workers’ awareness of the disease?

(AA) The main purpose of these talks is to inform employees about the risk factors and symptoms of prostate cancer, as well as the importance of early detection and the treatment options currently available. By providing this information, the company is seeking to raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with the disease, encouraging a more open and supportive environment.

On a personal basis, I am confident that this talk has positively influenced the workers’ perceptions and awareness. It has provided them with vital information that we hope will lead to greater self-care, more willingness to take part in preventive screening, and a better understanding of how to support colleagues, friends, or relatives who may be affected by the condition.

Does Iberchem plan to offer further informative health talks to their employees?

(AA) Eventually, we would like to raise awareness on lung cancer. Far too many people still smoke, and our SHE department wants to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and the symptoms we should be aware of. These should help to lead to an earlier diagnosis and better overall results from treatment, helping to reduce the associated stigma and fostering a supportive environment for those affected.