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Trend Report | Ingredient Collection : Ambers

Iberchem Amber

This is an abstract of our marketing report: Trend Report | Ingredient Collection: Ambers   Amber, one of the most important fragrance families, always brings perplexity when discussed. It gets even more confusing when the terms “Amber” and “Ambergris” make their ways in. Amber, also known as “Fossilized Amber”, comes…

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Thinking Global – Acting Local: The Challenges Of Customisation In An Era Of Globalisation

During his conference at the 2020 Barcelona Olfaction Week, Sylvain Massé, Marketing Manager at Iberchem, presented some of the perfumery trends currently sweeping continents such as Asia and South America: two areas where Iberchem is present. He also spoke about other global trends in the fragrance industry. Here is a…

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Only a Few Days Left Before The Barcelona Olfaction Week!

The Barcelona Olfaction Week (BOW) is an international event to promote the perfumery industry innovation, olfaction science, and the beauty culture in general. It is a week full of physical and digital activities boost by the Spanish perfumery industry historically located in Barcelona. The BOW will take place from June…

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What To Know Before Using A Reed Diffuser


In recent years, consumers have increasingly opted for reed diffusers as a way to fragrance their homes. This comes as no surprise, as they’re eco-friendly, don’t consume energy and are usually made of natural or recyclable materials. And unlike candles, they can be left unattended without any risk of the…

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Home Fragrances: Trendier Than Ever

The popularity of home fragrances seems to have grown exponentially in recent years: from clothing stores to grocery stores, they are everywhere. In a relatively short period of time, we have gone from basic aerosols to the use of smart devices operated from our phones. Besides the great advances made…

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2020 Fragrance Trends

The start of a new decade tends to be synonymous with structural changes that will directly impact society and, to a certain extent, the fragrance industry. At Iberchem, we are constantly on the lookout for these changes so that we can bring the latest trends to our customers. Again this…

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Trend Report – Ingredient collection: Sandalwood

  • Iberchem Fragrances
  • 20 April, 2017
  • Categories: Marketing

The name sandalwood is derived from the Sanskrit word Chandana meaning Scented Wood. As of today, following the tradition, the wood of sandalwood trees is still used to make sacred objects, carvings and various handcraft ornaments. There are sixteen species of sandalwood (Santalum) that grow naturally throughout the Pacific and…

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