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How To Properly Store Your Perfume

Perfume, just like wine, undergoes changes over time.

The most obvious variation usually happens with the colour, but the scent can also change, which can be a bit more annoying.

Just like fine wines, the first thing that happens over the course of weeks, months, and sometimes even years, is that the perfume takes on a darker colour. This alteration is caused by oxidation and light. In technical terms used in chemistry, what happens is that the aldehydes in the perfume become acidic. What does this mean? It means that the perfume has oxidised. This mainly happens in two ways: when the liquid comes into contact with oxygen (for example, as a bottle of perfume runs down, the empty space becomes filled with CO2), and because of the natural light.

Did you know? Perfume and fragrance manufacturers include solar filters in their creations to prevent them from the sun’s harmful effects.

Even though it’s a shame that your perfume loses its initial colour, at least, it is good to know that this change does not harm your skin. Even if a perfume has been opened longer than the recommended time, you can keep using it without any problem. The fragrance may have altered over time, but you probably won’t even notice it, since the change happens gradually and your nose slowly gets used to it. However, if you want the fragrance to remain intact and faithful to its original scent – which is probably the main reason why you bought it in the first place – then you should try to protect your perfume from these changes.

What can you do to store your perfume properly? Here are two indispensable tips:

Keep it away from sunlight: ideally inside a cupboard, or in its own box.

Keep it in a cool environment: it’s not a bad idea to keep it in the refrigerator if temperatures are higher than 20°C.

Perfume is essentially a creation: a work of art that evolves over time. Perfumers recommend that you replace it every few months in order to respect the essence of the perfumer’s creation, the way it was really meant to be.