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How To Create A Signature Scent for Your Brand (Guest post)

When you own a business, you know the importance of doing everything possible to boost your brand and build your image. While some business owners would like their environment to smell like clean scents, others simply want to create scents that smell like the essence of their business and brand and how they want customers to feel about it. Most business owners have no idea how to get started creating a signature scent or fragrance for their brand. For shoppers, customization is a growing trend and people do not want their brand’s scent to be like the rest of their competition.

Scent Customization- All Scents Tell Their Own Narratives

All scents and fragrances offer their own stories for a business environment. A smell can be used to connect to your customers on subconscious levels. Many companies offer the ability to create an emotional connection and connect with their customers. In turn, this can inspire them to spend money and can cultivate brand loyalty. These are just two of the most common benefits of scents your brand can offer. Proper scent marketing can create a memorable shopping experience for your customers who like to follow your brand.

Branding- Creating Signature Ambient Scents for Your Business

The right scent or fragrance can be powerful in the proper business setting. Investing in a signature scent for your company can be worth the initial investment and give you a great return on your investment for years to come. Below are some tips on creating a great signature scent for your business and branding purposes.

1. Collaborate with Professionals to Create A Unique Signature Scent

The first step for creating a signature scent to help boost your company’s brand relies on choosing a reputable fragrance manufacturer to collaborate with. The right fragrance manufacturer will be one who listens to your branding concerns and understands your business goals. Typically, ambient scent-creation will target your retail space to create a specific aroma that works with your environment.

Scent branding is a very technical process which identifies a signature scent that works best with your particular company brand. There is a specific science needed for proper scent marketing. All professional scent marketers understand that creating a customized fragrance is important to make people feel more comfortable in a retail environment. Do not take the process of finding the right fragrance manufacturer lightly.

2. Identify the Scents That Work With Your Company Mission

Picking the right scent is a tedious task which involves careful research. It is best to keep the process simple and remain focused on how you want your customers to feel when they are entering your business environment. Utilizing scent marketing can help a business increase their sales and create brand loyalty. You want the atmosphere of your environment to be inviting and make your customers feel welcome.

3. Custom Scent Marketing and Toll Blending

Toll manufacturing and custom mixing together are also known as custom toll blending. This process is a specialty service that is becoming more common because it allows a company to create a unique scent and then safely send those materials to another trusted company to be processed, packaged, produced and then delivered. For a set fee, scent marketing and toll blending can allow a company to have a signature scent created without having to rent special equipment and purchase resources. Many companies only require small amounts of chemicals for blending in order to create their scent by the liter or ounce. Other companies may require more.

4. Scent Diffusing Equipment Necessary for Signature Scent Creation

It does not matter if your business environment is travel-related, retail or general business-oriented, a selected scent diffuser is what will offer the finishing touches on an effective scent marketing process. With advancements in technology, there are many great scent machines to choose from in the industry. The technology is referred to as cold air diffusion. The diffuser will use an amount of cold air that has been filtered and blends it with your scent and air pressure. This will result in the diffusion of your signature scented oils into the dry mist that will be released into your air ducts. The scent will be subtle, consistent and evenly distributed throughout your business space.

Scent diffusing equipment is armed with the ability to use cold air instead of heat to offer a more even disbursement in large areas. Releasing it with cold air also helps the scent linger longer in the air. It is important to work with a scent creation company to create a signature fragrance that will help boost your brand and keep your customers coming back.


Brittany Waddell is a contributing writer and media specialist for Aromatique. She often writes for a variety of fragrance blogs.