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COSMOS Fragrances: The Natural Alternative

In line with our ambition to contribute in a tangible way to the preservation of our environment and reduce our ecological footprint, Iberchem is pleased to offer COSMOS certified fragrances to its customers. Our COSMOS fragrances are certified by ECOCERT and respond to the highest requirements in the development of…

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The enigma of scent: brain or nose?

  Can you recognise hundreds of perfumes? When you enter a place, is how it smells the first thing you detect? What most people understand by the word smell actually refers to thousands of molecules that activate tiny sensors in our nostrils. To say that we smell with our noses…

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Ingredient Profile: Agarwood (Oud)

Our report on India wouldn’t have been complete without a feature on agarwood. The importance of agarwood in India goes back centuries, as it has long played an important role in religious rituals. What’s more, India was the world’s main producer and supplier of agarwood until the end of the…

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Fragrance Diaries: Visiting Kannauj, Perfume Capital of India

What follows is a report of the trip taken by Guillaume Audy, Corporate Communication manager at Iberchem Group, together with Nikesh Budhrani, Managing Director of Iberchem India, to the city of Kannauj in India. India is a country rich in culture and traditions. I knew that if I were to…

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