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Iberchem presents [Matières] at in-cosmetics Global, Paris

  • Iberchem Fragrances
  • 12 April, 2024
  • Categories: Exhibitions

In the exhibition [Matières], Iberchem explores the attributes of a perfume bottle beyond its role as a vessel: texture, substance, matter, and technique An investigation of the synthesis and synergies that exist between the fragrance and its receptacle. [Matières] will be presented at this year’s in-cosmetics Global (Paris, April 16-18)…

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Visiting An Agarwood Plantation

The oud industry in India

Perfumer Ana Gómez specialises in Middle Eastern perfumery. Last month, she was invited by Ajmal, a perfume and essential oils manufacturer, for an exclusive visit to its agarwood plantations in Assam, northwest of India. Every few years, Ajmal invites established perfumers from all over the world, to share the company’s…

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Ashish Shinde: “Cosmohome Tech is the leading platform in North India for the Fragrance and HPC industry”

Last month we attended the 9th edition of Cosmohome Tech expo in New Delhi. Cosmohome Tech is without a doubt one of the most important trade shows for fragrances in India as it brings together over 350 exhibitors to present their latest launches across ingredients, formulations, fragrances, packaging, machinery, and…

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In-cosmetics 2023: Discovering the Neuroscience of Scent with Wavemotion

Wavemotion at in cosmetics 2023

On the occasion of in-cosmetics 2023, Iberchem was excited to present its latest neuroscientific investigation programme, Wavemotion. Wavemotion will bring a new dimension to olfactive solutions as consumers are increasingly seeking a sensorial escape in their post-pandemic olfactive solutions (Mintel). According to Mintel reports, consumers are searching for fragrances which…

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Beautyworld Middle East 2022: Iberchem To Collaborate With Award-Winning Visual Artist Sonu Sultania

A NEW OLFACTORY CONCEPT EXPLORING THE CONCEPT OF ARTISTIC SYNTHESIS. On the occasion of the 2022 edition of Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai, fragrance house Iberchem will be presenting “Fusion: Artistic Synthesis” a new olfactory concept combining the disciplines of perfumery and painting. To do so, Iberchem will be counting…

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Moodzy by Iberchem: New Technologies and Aromatherapy


In collaboration with Olorama Technology and Scentis, Iberchem presents Moodzy, a pilot project exploring the benefits of fragrances on a person’s mood through the use of interactive technologies. The concept will be presented for the first time in Dubai at the 2021 edition of Beautyworld Middle East in the Quintessence…

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Beautyworld Middle East In Collaboration With Iberchem Present “A World Of Scents”


A NEW OLFACTORY EXPERIENCE CURATED BY IBERCHEM For its 2021 edition, Beautyworld Middle East in collaboration with fragrance house Iberchem will present “A World of Scents”, a new olfactory experience for the show’s visitors and participants to enjoy during their visit. Curated by the team from Iberchem, “A World of…

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Iberchem Perfumer María Ángeles Santiago Finalist At The Beautyworld Middle East Awards

Beautyworld Middle East 2021

Santiago Receives Nomination In The Category “Perfumer Of The Year” Iberchem is pleased to announce that its perfumer María Ángeles Santiago has been named a finalist at the 2021 Beautyworld Middle East Awards in the category “Perfumer of the Year”. This category rewards the work of a perfumer who has…

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When Art and Fragrances Join Forces

Fragrance composition is a form of artistic expression: “Just like painters express themselves through shapes and colours, perfumers use olfactory notes to compose a fragrance”. That’s how Luz Vaquero, head perfumer at Iberchem, described the connection between art and perfume in an interview she gave a few months ago. Since…

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Esxence – The Scent of Excellence : Head perfumer Luz Vaquero Spills the Beans

Last week ‘Esxence – The Scent of Excellence’, an international event dedicated to niche fragrances and artistic perfumery, where history and tradition join innovation and research, took place in Milan. Over four days, more than 7,000 people from all around the world – including entrepreneurs, perfumers, fragrance houses, retailers and…

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