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Less is more: Advancing Sustainable Fragrance Innovation with High Intensity Fragrances

Three laundry pods sitting on a white towel

Many consumers believe that when a product is concentrated or appears smaller, they are getting less value for their money…However, this is not always the case!

High intensity formulations and fragrances are commonly employed across the fabric care landscape, specifically laundry care, to deliver the same high performance cleaning power and compelling fragrance, but with fewer materials.

Although what exactly is a high intensity fragrance? What benefits does fragrance compaction have for the industry? Why should we invest in this technology for the future of our planet?

What is a high intensity fragrance?

 A high intensity fragrance is a concentrated fragrance formulation meaning there are more olfactive ingredients per dose in a smaller package without losing aroma intensity.

High intensity fragrances can also contain high intensity ingredients that have a strong performance at a very small dosage. For example, some pyrazines, tropical/fruity notes, amber, and some ozonic notes can be classified as high intensity. These high-impact ingredients are used in a range of contexts to need less fragrance dosage to get the same performance.

In the context of laundry care, this means that the strength of fragrances in laundry detergents and fabric softeners is greater meaning a lower dose is needed in the final formulation, compared to previously, where traditional formulations required larger fragrance doses.

As a result, high intensity fragrances ensure high-performing scented laundry products with fragrances that outlast the washing process.

What are the benefits of high intensity fragrances?

 A key benefit of these innovative formulations is consumer convenience. Compact laundry care formulations and fragrances ensure only a fraction of the dosage previously used is needed per wash load. The exact new dosage will depend on water quality, washing machine size, and how stained the clothes are, yet there will be a significant reduction in the volume of detergent of fabric softener used. As a result, consumers will need to use less product per wash load, whilst their clothes still accomplish the same cleanliness and fresh smelling scent.

Also, the introduction of sleek package designs with pumps and measuring devices have increased the appeal of these new formulations to consumers. The designs ensure they are easier and lighter to transport from the supermarket to home and can also be easily stored to ensure they are no eyesore and can corresponded to the new aesthetically pleasing house trend to be tidied away out of sight yet have easy accessibility.

All these elements contributing towards consumer convenience have been pivotal to the marketing success of high intensity laundry care. New formulations must be designed with the end consumer in mind to ensure positive influencing of purchasing decisions and ensure future development of new product opportunities. Advertisement of the above advantages have permitted growth of this High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent sector meaning that the majority of brands have compacted laundry care evolved from their original product.

Hand pouring laundry detergent into washing machine

What is the sustainability impact of high intensity fragrances?

Being easier to carry around and taking up less space in the household are not the only benefits to high intensity products. Fragrance compaction is also great news for our planet.

As high intensity fragrances are concentrated, a lower dosage of the fragrance is needed in the final product formulation. Less product means less packaging, and ultimately less waste as less packaging ends up in landfill. This is a huge advantage of impact formulations as according to Supply Chains Solution Centre, 91% of packaging waste is sent to the landfills and/or in the environment.

Also, the manufacturing process is less energy consuming, and the resulting product will take up less space in storage meaning a reduced impact on warehouse heating and lighting. Additionally, these come in lighter packages which helps to reduce emissions from delivery vehicles during transportation, ultimately elevating eco-credentials and reducing GHG emissions from energy intensive processes.

Guillaume Audy, Director of Sustainability at Iberchem, says: “With sustainable innovation becoming an ever-increasing priority, it is important that brands in this space invest in high intensity fragrances. The ability to meet and exceed sustainability commitments and goals is elevated thanks to fragrance compaction whilst delivering high quality and performance to end consumers without compromise.”

This power of compaction is compelling, and the positive impact is clear. For instance, compaction of P&G powder laundry detergents saved up to 4,000,000 GJs of energy per year, which is the equivalent of powering 34,000 homes with electricity for a year. This mutually beneficial innovation, from operations all the way through to end consumer use, can prove crucial to the future of sustainable innovation.

Laundry tablet in washing machine on top of white towels

Does Iberchem deliver high intensity fragrances?

Identified by Iberchem’s Green Future Seal, high intensity fragrances are available for all types of fragrance applications across fine fragrances, personal care, and home care products. Iberchem’s fragrance compaction technology ensures the creation of high intensity fragrances resulting in less than half the normal dosage is needed for the same olfactory effect.

As innovators, Iberchem’s perfumers embrace the challenge with the mentality that less dosage doesn’t mean less intense aromas. Our perfumers are experts at accurately selecting the ingredients needed to enhance performance so end products can thrive and make a difference knowing that they are having a lessened impact on the environment.

“These fragrances are not just concentrated fragrances, though the amount of solvent is very limited. Says María Ángeles Lopez, Global Fragrance Development Manager at Iberchem. “They are specially designed by perfumers after choosing the right raw materials to maximize the performance of the fragrance once applied in the final product. For that reason, even at a lower dosage, the performance is still comparable to standard fragrances at normal dosages.”

Examples of high intensity products

With the debut of concentrated laundry detergents, several household cleaning brands and suppliers have adopted a high intensity approach to cut down on packaging and reduce environmental impact.

For example, Method, an American-based company, has taken concentrated formulations to the next level as now offers its customers an 8X-concentrated laundry detergent. The streamlined handheld detergent is even formulated from plant-based ingredients and the pump bottle is biodegradable. Talk about being environmentally friendly! Just ¼ of Method’s detergent is needed compared to traditional detergent formulations on the market.

Still delivering high performance with matched fragrance intensity, high intensity fragrances and formulations is a step forward for advancing sustainable innovation. Not only does this ensure customer satisfaction with high performance but the environmental impact is minimised meaning it is a win-win across the supply chain and also for the sustainability space.