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Iberchem China: Awarded the prize for best market growth by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South China

On December 8th, Iberchem China received the Market Expansion Award for its consistent double-digit growth over the last decade, and its expansion within the Chinese market.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South China organized the Gala Dinner & Awards ceremony, which was attended by Spanish and Chinese companies, as well as public institutions from several other countries. Notable attendees included the Consul General of Spain in Guangzhou, Mr. Eduardo Alonso, and the Vice-President of the European Chamber of Commerce in South China, Mr. Fabian Blake. The ceremony recognized the achievements and trajectory of certain companies in the Chinese market by presenting several different awards.

To learn more about this achievement, we spoke to Tony Xu, General Manager of Iberchem China, who shared his thoughts on the award and the challenges that lie ahead. The following is an excerpt from the interview.

What are the reasons for your recent growth and expansion in the Chinese market?

Our extensive experience of over 20 years serving the Chinese market and our ability to quickly adapt to client needs are our main strengths. We can accurately supply products for China and other manufacturers that export worldwide.

However, we must remain true to our philosophy in order to gain the trust of our stakeholders and meet their expectations. Ultimately, what sets us apart is not only our sales growth, but also our commitment to providing solutions and opportunities for our customers and suppliers to help them expand together, while also prioritising sustainability and social responsibility.

 How do you see the future of Iberchem China?

I am optimistic about our future plans. Firstly, because China is a huge country. This which brings many opportunities owing to its large population, which equates to a significant number of consumers who, over the years, have achieved greater purchasing power due to the country’s growth.

And, secondly, because our expansion plan aims to provide improved services to our customers, while also reducing our environmental impact and increasing production capacity. This expansion will benefit not only the Chinese market but also the rest of Asia in terms of R&D and legislation.

We are proud of this project, which is both present and future-oriented. Our rapid and consistent growth over the last decade is a testament to its success.

What trends and challenges will the Chinese market face in the future?

Modern-day consumers have access to vast amounts of information concerning the products they are interested in, and transparency is on the rise. One recent trend is the study of how smells impact our emotions and reactions.

In the coming years, there will be a greater awareness of the environment and the use of natural, sustainable ingredients in personal care products. There will also be an increase in market niches for ‘signature or artisan’ perfumes, where perfumers play a crucial role thanks to their creativity. Additionally, there is a growing focus on improving the ‘Made in China’ image and increasing the production of ‘Made in China for China’ products.