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PCHI 2024: Iberchem presents Espace |__| Libre, a fragrance collection based on the trend quiet beauty

PCHI Concept Quiet Beauty

Iberchem introduces its new concept Espace |__|Libre. From March 20th to 22nd, Iberchem invites you to discover its new fragrance collection at the Personal Care and Home Care Ingredients (PCHI) at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

Ana Gómez, Thomas Espinasse, and Eva Zapata, perfumers at Iberchem, have created a collection of four fine fragrances with a 360° approach that they have adapted for two other applicatons: shampoo and reed diffuser. Inspired by the concept of quiet luxury, the perfumers have employed simple formulas with a noticeable presence. As Eva Zapata said “we have applied the concept of quiet luxury to perfumery using simple formulas, emphasing the elegance and quality of the ingredients”.


How does quiet luxury stand out in perfumery?

Self-paced. Simple yet precise and effective. Subtle yet polished. Espace |____|Libre features a new aesthetic that flows against the current drawn by excess and abundance.

Quite Beauty in perfumery represents an evolution towards a more refined and discreet aesthetic. It is a celebration of beauty in its simplest and purest form, and a reminder that true luxury doesn’t always have to be loud and excessive. In a world full of noise, quiet luxury fragrances are an oasis of calm and sophistication.

We have translated the concepts of minimalism, quiet beauty, and quiet luxury in our fragrances using a minimum of ingredients to create simple formulas. The result is a fragrance collection where each note can be fully appreciated, where each accord can chime gently. The stand design is also inspired by this trend and reflects minimalism and quiet luxury through it.

A lot of less

Minimalism could be described as an extreme form of simplicity. It emerged in the late 50s. It can be found in various disciplines, such as visual arts, architecture, music, and even gastronomy. In minimalist art, no attempt is made to represent an outside reality. The artist wants the viewer to respond only to what is before them.

Money talks, but wealth whispers

As for quiet beauty, it is the logical successor of quiet luxury. The quiet trend is a journey returning to the foundations, to nature and authenticity. It means discretion, calm, and simplicity. Underpainting technique, natural flush, and timeless beauty are key in quiet beauty. Celine, Maison Margiela, and Proenza Schouler, as featured in the TV show Succession, are its ambassadors.