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Iberchem Launch New In-House Biodegradability Laboratory, IB-BI

Iberchem's Biodegradability Investigation

Iberchem always strives to strengthen its ingredient portfolio by engaging with the ever-evolving sustainability space. With greater environmental awareness amongst consumers, it is crucial fragrance solutions can be created with the planet in mind. Consumers are increasingly demanding environmentally friendly, biodegradable fragrances and Iberchem can now actively respond to this rising demand with its new in-house biodegradability testing laboratory, IB-BI.

IBerchem’s Biodegradability Investigation is an internal testing laboratory designed to effectively determine the biodegradability of fragrances in accordance with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) test method guidelines. The launch of this high-technology biodegradability investigation laboratory increases Iberchem’s agility to meet the global need for environmentally friendly products by ensuring a faster response to customer demands for biodegradable olfactive solutions.


Biodegradability Testing Methods

 IB-BI development has been enhanced through continuous collaboration with parent company Croda, and INCOTEC. The extensive cooperation has organically formed a network of biodegradability testing laboratories across the Croda community which frequently communicate and work together to share the latest testing methodologies and biodegradability data. These ongoing, detailed conversations ensure Iberchem is developing the best testing methodologies for accurately evaluating the biodegradability of their fragrances and fragrance technologies. As a result, IB-BI has a strong scientific basis and is robust, with methodologies being validated with several reference materials with different compositions.

The development of IB-BI aligns Iberchem further with Croda’s Commitment to being Land Positive by 2030. By developing a deeper understanding of leading initiatives relating to biodegradability and environmental ecosystems, Iberchem can drive positive changes through biodegradable fragrance formulation to proactively contribute to Croda’s sustainability programme.

“Biodegradability is undoubtedly a key priority when developing our ingredient portfolio,” says Manuel Serna, New Technologies Scientist at Iberchem. “At Iberchem, we have a dedicated team focused on developing methodologies based on OECD regulations allowing us to carry out testing associated with technology development, including fragrance studies and polymer research for microencapsulation. IB-BI will allow Iberchem to deliver biodegradable fragrance solutions to customers quicker than ever before. Customers will be able to have the highest levels of confidence in our scientifically validated biodegradability testing, ensuring they can market their final product with certainty.”

Sustainable Fragrance Innovations

“IB-BI is a major achievement in Iberchem’s sustainability programme,” says Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability, Guillaume Audy. “This new capability to test fragrance biodegradability internally welcomes the opportunity to expand Iberchem’s Green Future portfolio of sustainable, biodegradable fragrances. IB-BI is a great example of how we strive to decrease the carbon footprint of not only our activity but also our products.”

IB-BI compliments Iberchem’s sustainable fragrance technologies, VernovaCaps and VernovaPure. These biodegradable solutions correspond to the OECD’s standards of Readily biodegradable and are suitable to a variety of applications and various malodours. Together IB-BI and biodegradable fragrance technologies elevate Iberchem’s ingredient portfolio to deliver in fragrances which are in harmony with the planet and its people.

By understanding the rising need for biodegradable fragrances, Iberchem has actively listened and delivered. The IB-BI laboratory will grow with the continuously developing sustainability realm to ensure high-performance fragrance solutions that are in accord with the planet. To learn more about sustainability initiatives at Iberchem and Iberchem’s Green Future seal, head to our sustainability page.