Fragrance Technologies

Supporting Creativity

Iberchem relies on its own in-house fragrance technologies department consisting of scientists specialised in the research and analysis of odours and fragrances. Our customers can count on the know-how of our experts to improve the performance of their fragrances, at any in-use stage and across any given application. From air care to laundry care, discover our range of exclusive technologies tailor-made to improve the efficiency of your fragrance and enhance user performance.

You can count on us to keep your brand relevant and at the forefront of the latest advances of the industry.



All the performance of our traditional encapsulation technology NeoCaps® in a new biodegradable format. VernovaCaps® offers a biodegradability corresponding to the OECD’s standards of Readily biodegradable with further degradation afterwards. VernovaCaps® consists of a minimum of 60% bio-based materials and offer stable and robust fragrances that are not affected by the encapsulation process.
VernovaCaps® is a fantastic option for companies looking for performance while contributing to their sustainability ambitions. 


NeoCaps® technology is designed to add long-lasting value to fabric care fragrances. When using a conventional fragrance, its top and middle notes are often lost during the washing process. During drying, further fragrance ingredients evaporate, leaving only the base notes on the fabric.
Thanks to NeoCaps®, you can now enjoy the nuances and freshness of your favorite fragrance long after it has been washed. NeoCaps® also gives brands additional creative freedom, offering a new range of fruity, citrus and floral notes to work with.


Malodours are a daily inconvenience for all of us: from sweat odours on public transport to cigarette smell at home, they are found everywhere.
VernovaPure® is our latest biodegradable malodour neutralising technology which is effective across all applications, effectively targeting the odourous chemicals causing the bad smell. What is left is your fragrance, which you can fully enjoy with no contamination.


Fragrance diffusivity (or bloom) is undoubtedly one of the most requested attribute by consumers. From cleaners and washing-up liquids to shampoos and soaps, Iberchem’s NeoLift® fragrance technology has been specially created to give your product a burst of perfume during use. Thanks to NeoLift®, it is now possible to enjoy your favourite fragrance with tailor-made effects at a specific stage of the product use.

“Tailor-made solutions to unleash the power of your fragrance.”