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Remembrance of Perfumes Past

  • Iberchem Fragrances
  • 16 March, 2016
  • Categories: Fragrances

Constantly on the lookout for widening its knowledge on perfumery, Iberchem has confirmed its participation to the course Remembrance of Perfumes Past, presented by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London on Saturday, March 19, 2016.

Exploring the origins is the best way to understand and forecast today’s trends, whether it is for perfumery or in general for any field of expertise,” said Christèle Jacquemin, Marketing Manager of Iberchem.

Drawing on objects in the V&A’s collection and accompanied by the scents themselves, this study day will explore how perfumes were made, used, and thought about throughout history. From plague preventatives to luxury and pleasure, this study day will examine the fragrant history of perfumes past.