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The Polychromy of the Fragrances

As part of the exhibition Nasevo: The man who confounds colours with odours, Iberchem presented a workshop exploring the subjectivity of the human sense of smell. Hosted by María-Ángeles Lopez, Fragrance Development Manager at Iberchem, the activity, named The Polychromy of the Fragrances, was divided into three parts.

The audience was first invited to discover the fragrances that Iberchem created for a selection of the artworks on display. From the smell of a cloud or the one of the room portrayed in the famous painting “Las Meninas”, the crowd explored the exhibition from an exclusive point of view, benefiting from the insights of Ms. Lopez.

Then, the participants analysed the preconceptions we have about certain smells based on first impressions. For example, when smelling a yellow shower gel with a sweet orange smell, most participants thought it smelled like lemon.

Finally, it was explained how the concept of good and bad is subjective when it comes to smell. As a matter of fact, some fragrances can be highly appreciated by certain cultures and unpopular in some others.