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Questions to Saurabh Ambure, fragrance evaluator at Iberchem India

Fragrance evaluator at Iberchem India

Today we sat down with Saurabh Ambure, who has been working as an evaluator at Iberchem India for over two years.

What do you do in your role?

Well, the role of a fragrance evaluator is exciting because it entails very different tasks. It involves a lot of market research, so I frequently visit shops to keep my knowledge about market trends up to date.

But my main job is to select the right fragrances for the right products. I also support perfumers working on new ideas or products by giving them feedback on the product´s suitability for the market.

There is a very technical part of my work as well, which is being involved in technical evaluations. These ensure that the fragrance that we submit to the client passes all the technical parameters related to stability retention strength.

How important are fragrances in your daily life? Which is your favourite fragrance note?

Fragrance is one of the most important things for me in my daily life. Honestly, it is just like any other accessory to an outfit. In a certain sense, it is one of the most intimate ways to share your inner thoughts and character.

From my point of view, fragrance helps express your personality in many ways like building up confidence, creating memories, or leaving an impression on the people you bump into.

I really like ambery notes, since to me they give a very warm and comforting feel. Indeed, when I´m working on a specific brief or idea, I tend to gravitate towards fragrances with a structure of ambery notes.

What do you love about working at Iberchem? What is the most exciting part of your job?

Overall, working at Iberchem India has been a great experience. Working in a company such as this one has been a boost in my career because of much I am learning. We are able to work on a lot of projects that wouldn´t be possible without the great team we have at Iberchem India.

About the most exciting part of the job, for me, it is studying new products on the market. Trends change from one day to another, so it is very exciting for me to learn about the latest trends in the markets and to be able to meet our customer’s expectations.

As an evaluator expert, what are the current olfactory trends in India?

Sustainability has been on everyone´s mind for several years now, and India is no exception. More and more, our customers are asking us for sustainable products, mainly COSMOS-certified and natural fragrances for all sector applications.