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Iberchem presents “Ephemeral treasures, eternal memories”

On the occasion of the 2017 edition of the Beautyworld Middle East, Spain-based fragrance house Iberchem presented the sensorial exhibition “Ephemeral Treasures, Eternal Memories”. Divided into three parts (fragrance, essential oil, and raw material in its natural state) the exhibition allowed visitors to fully understand each fragrance and discover its composition. It also underlines the company’s latest efforts to strengthen its presence in the niche perfumery market.

On the first part of the exhibition, guests were invited to discover 10 exclusive fragrances inspired from natural landmarks of the Arabian Peninsula. Created by perfumers Antonio Palomino, Luz Vaquero, Miroslav Petkov and Maria-Angeles Santiago, the fragrances were paired to five emblematic raw materials used in oriental perfumery: Agarwood, Sandalwood, Incense, Vetiver and Rose. The second part of the exhibition featured several samples of essential oils of these five raw materials, so the public could appreciate better their presence in the fragrance. The third and last part of the tour featured the five raw materials in their natural state.

“Fragrance houses typically present fragrances, but never showcase where they come from. By doing so, we wanted people to understand the origin of each fragrance and give them the opportunity to see, touch and smell each state of its composition. We wanted to go beyond the typical olfactive experience associated with fragrances,” said Maria-Angeles Lopez, Fragrance Development Manager at Iberchem.  “We even brought vetiver from Indonesia so that people could see what it looks like before it is transformed into essential oil.”

“The name of the exhibition reflects the relation between landscapes and fragrances. The state of landscapes, (which have inspired the fragrances we are presenting) are ephemeral and constantly evolving, just like the one of a fragrance. However, fragrances have this mysterious power to create memories that will last in your mind for many years, from which comes the eternal memories,” said Guillaume Audy, communication manager at Iberchem.

Iberchem was participating for a 9th year in a row at the Beautyworld Middle East exhibition and has already confirmed its participation to next year’s edition.