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Local Scent: Telon Oil

When asking people from our Jakarta office what smell reminds them the most of their childhood, the answer is unanimous: telon oil. In Javanese the word telon means “three”, which perfectly describes what telon oil is made of: three different oils. More precisely, telon oil is a formulation of fennel…

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The Future of Halal Fragrances

In September 2017, Iberchem received “A status” MUI halal certification for its facility in Indonesia, officially qualifying us to offer MUI halal-certified fragrances to our customers. Today, we sit down with Siti Maonah, Quality Assurance Manager at Iberchem Indonesia, who supervised the steps towards gaining certification. What was the most challenging…

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#WeIberchem – Meet Della Putri

Della Putri joined Iberchem more than seven years ago. Fragrances and chemistry are two of her greatest passions, so she had no hesitation in making the eight-hour trip from her hometown, Parakan (Centre Java), to the city of Jakarta to join our local team as a fragrance evaluator. In this…

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