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Celebrating World Environment Day

  • Iberchem Fragrances
  • 5 June, 2020
  • Categories: Corporate

Every year on June 5th, World Environment Day is celebrated to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect the environment. This year’s theme is “Time for Nature”, aiming at raising awareness on the importance of protecting the earth’s biodiversity.

Biodiversity describes the variety of life on earth. It encompasses the 8 million species on the planet–from plants and animals to fungi and bacteria; the ecosystems that house them; and the genetic diversity among them. When one component is changed–or removed–the entire system is affected, and this can produce positive–or negative–consequences.

At Iberchem, we are fully aware of the enormous responsibility that we have, as a global company, in the fight against pollution and in preserving biodiversity. This is why we strive to limit, in every way possible, any action that could negatively affect the environment.

In this sense, we are proud to say that in 2019, we reduced by 92.5% our carbon footprint compared to the prior year, at Head Office. This shows that a company can increase its production while reducing its environmental impact.

We also stick to our commitment to take care of one of the most precious and scarce goods we have: water. All the water we use in our manufacturing processes is recycled and suitable for reuse.

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