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Record Year For The Iberchem Group With The Completion Of Two Acquisitions in Flavors And 19% Growth in Revenues

  • Iberchem Fragrances
  • 6 February, 2020
  • Categories: Corporate

The Iberchem Group announced today that it has completed the acquisition of Flavor Inn Corporation and Duomei, two flavour companies located in Malaysia and China respectively. These transactions come as the latest effort in the Group’s merger and acquisition strategy initiated last year with the purchase of South Africa’s Versachem. It brings to three the number of acquisitions carried out since the start of the Group’s financial relationship with European private equity firm Eurazeo in 2017.

Ramón Fernández, CEO of Iberchem Group states: “We are pleased to welcome Duomei and Flavor Inn within the Scentium family. This announcement represents another key step in the strategic expansion of Scentium (the flavour division of the Iberchem Group) in Asia, and also in the roll-out of our M&A strategy at a Group level. We are confident that both companies will add value and expertise to our existing Flavour offer in China and South East Asia. Both Duomei and Flavor Inn share Scentium’s customer-centric culture and values. We are expecting a smooth integration of their activity into our organization in the upcoming year.”

Founded in 1996, Flavor Inn is a Malaysian flavour manufacturer offering tailored-made solutions to its wide portfolio of customers in the South East Asian region. Flavor Inn Corporation specialises in the development of both natural and artificial flavours for beverages, savoury, bakery and dairy products, and confectionery.

Nanchang Duomei Bio-Tech Co., Ltd (Duomei) is a flavour manufacturer based in Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi province in China. Established in 2008, the company quickly gained a reputation within the Chinese flavour industry thanks to its innovative manufacturing methods and dedicated customer service.

The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


Iberchem Group also announced financial results for the full year ended December 31, 2019. Despite being amid the aftermath of the raw material crisis that shook the F&F industry in 2018, the Spanish group closed the year outperforming the initial objectives set out in its annual budget. The company reported net revenues of €174 million, representing a net increase of 19%. Throughout the year, the Group successfully registered strong top-line growth and maintained a positive business momentum. Augmenting its value in all of its geographic segments and categories, it increased its profitability throughout the year. The Group has demonstrated, once again, the strength of its fundamentals, representing a unique value proposition for its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

The Iberchem Group increased again this year its CapEx program: last October, it completed the construction of its new R&D centre at its head office, adding over 3,000m2 of facilities dedicated exclusively to fragrance technologies. The Group also fully revamped the production plant of its flavour unit in Spain, expecting to increase the flavour offerings of the company by almost 40%.



2020年2月6日,爱伯馨集团在西班牙穆尔西亚宣布完成了对“Flavor Inn Corporation”和“南昌朵美”的收购。这两家香精企业分别位于马来西亚和中国。继去年收购南非的“Versachem”公司之后,这两笔交易成为该集团并购战略的最新实践。自从2017年与欧洲私募投资公司“欧瑞泽”建立金融合作关系以来,爱伯馨集团已实施了三次企业收购。

爱伯馨集团的首席执行官Ramón Fernández表示:“非常欢迎朵美和 Flavor Inn加入我们的盛腾大家庭。此次并购标志着盛腾 (爱伯馨集团的食用香精部)在亚洲地区的战略扩张迈入了又一个关键的阶段,也代表我们集团并购战略的大幕已经开启。我们相信,这两家公司将为我们在中国和东南亚地区的现有食用香料业务带来更多的价值和专业知识。同时,朵美和Flavor Inn也将分享盛腾以客户为中心的文化和价值理念。我们期待在未来的一年里,他们能够顺利地融入我们的组织。”

诞生于1996年“Flavor Inn”是马来西亚吉隆坡的一家香精制造商,他们为东南亚地区的众多客户提供定制解决方案。“Flavor Inn”这家公司主要为饮料、调味品、烘焙、乳制品和糖果等行业开发天然和人工的香精。

南昌朵美生物科技有限公司(简称“朵美 ”)是一家位于中国江西省南昌市的香精生产企业,它成立于2008年。凭借创新的生产方式和优质的客户服务,该公司迅速在中国的香精行业中赢得了声誉。