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Moodzy by Iberchem: New Technologies and Aromatherapy


In collaboration with Olorama Technology and Scentis, Iberchem presents Moodzy, a pilot project exploring the benefits of fragrances on a person’s mood through the use of interactive technologies. The concept will be presented for the first time in Dubai at the 2021 edition of Beautyworld Middle East in the Quintessence Zone. It is one of the many olfactory experiences Iberchem will be showcasing in collaboration with Beautyworld Middle East as part of the new “World of Scents” experience.

As explained in a previous blog entry about aromatherapy, fragrances and essential oils are commonly used to improve people’s mood or state of mind. From the energizing scents of citruses to the soothing properties of lavender, many researchers are now studying if there is a real chemical explanation behind our reaction to certain fragrances.

New Technology vs Aromatherapy

Using a tailor-made voice recognition system developed by Valencia-based company Olorama, Moodzy is a ludical experiment exploring how fragrances could be seamlessly integrated into our tech-filled lives. The fragrances were created by perfumers of Iberchem in collaboration with the technical team in fragrance development.

About Beautyworld Middle East

The 25th edition of Beautyworld Middle East will take place from 5 – 7 October 2021 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The upcoming show will host exhibitors from 54 countries and 17 dedicated country pavilions, making it the first truly international beauty event of the year.

About “A World of Scents”

For its 2021 edition, Beautyworld Middle East in collaboration with fragrance house Iberchem will present “A World of Scents”, a new olfactory experience for the show’s visitors and participants to enjoy during their visit. Curated by the team from Iberchem, “A World of Scents” will take place in different locations throughout the show, such as the Premium Lounge, the Quintessence zone and during the Beautyworld Middle East Awards ceremony to take place at the Dubai Ritz Carlton on October 5.