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Luz Vaquero, Global Fragrance Creative Director at Iberchem, was elected an Academician at the Academia del Perfume

Luz Vaquero figures among the seven new Academicians elected by the Academia del Perfume. She was nominated during a special ceremony held on Wednesday, April 10, in the Auditorium of the University of Alcalá de Henares. This recognition is a testament to her dedication and significant contribution to the art and science of perfumery. This year, five women and two men joined what is considered the world’s elite of Spanish-speaking perfumers.

As the tradition goes, the academy assigns a chair to each of its members. They are then invited to name their chair after a raw material used in perfumery, resulting in an analogy to the perfumer’s organ. “Tuberose is an enveloping white flower, inspiring and with a narcotic effect,” said Luz Vaquero. “It enhances a fragrance but without becoming the protagonist. It is not the queen of flowers, nor is it present in all perfumes, but it represents that special touch that rounds out a composition, that silent luxury that provides quality. In a similar way, the perfumer is that silent luxury behind a perfume. For these reasons, I chose to name my chair Tuberose“, Luz Vaquero said.

Following her appointment, Luz is now part of the “elite” group of perfumers recognized by the academy, which includes great names such as Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp. With her knowledge, experience, and reputation, she will continue to be an influential leader and source of inspiration for the perfume industry. Her experience and passion will enrich the legacy of the academy and will contribute to the continuous advancement of the profession.

Luz Vaquero is known nationally and internationally for her extensive experience within the industry and her dedication to perfumery. She has signed hundreds of creations around the world, from mainstream scents to niche perfumery. Her experience and passion have left a significant mark on the industry, inspiring generations of perfumers and aficionados alike.

About Luz Vaquero

Luz Vaquero started her career in perfumery more than 25 years ago. She is now head of Iberchem’s team of perfumers, the leading multinational fragrance producer in Spain, and one of the leading companies in the world. She has been driving force behind many of Iberchem’s creations. Her passion for the art of perfumery and her ability to capture the essence of emotions and experiences in each fragrance made her a reference in the industry.

About the Perfume Academy

The Academia del Perfume is a non-profit cultural foundation that promotes the universe of perfume, with an emphasis on its artistic and cultural creation aspects. Of special relevance is the figure of “the Perfume Academicians.”. Inspired by the Royal Academies, it is an elite group of experts among which are the best Spanish-speaking perfumers in the world. The academicians actively participate in the educational mission of the Academy through didactic workshops or activities, such as the Nariz de Oro mentoring scholarship program, among others.