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Discovering Spain’s Official Perfume at Dubai World Expo


Luz Vaquero, head perfumer at Iberchem, has created the official perfume for the Spain Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo. A fragrance inspired by the olfactory richness of Spain’s landscapes and geography. A perfume with soul, developed over almost 3 years of work. It will now travel to the global exhibition in Dubai to dazzle an audience of all nationalities.

You said in previous interviews that perfume for the Spain Pavilion is “plural” and diverse. What do you mean exactly by that?

Millions of people will be visiting the Spain Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo. That is why it’s a unisex perfume – it has been designed so that as many people as possible can wear it. It’s true that the top notes are more feminine with a floral and fruity melange, but in return, the base tends towards a soft masculine ambery accord.

In the same vein of universality, my intention was also to create a perfume that can be worn all year round. It is not so dense that you can only wear it in winter, and it’s not so light that it’s too summery.

It is also a perfume that will travel all around the world as the visitors who will receive it at the Spain Pavilion during the Expo are likely to take it back to their home country. My objective was that when people will wear the fragrance, their olfactory memory will make them travel not only to Spain, but also to the Spain pavilion in Dubai.

Finally, when you look at the top notes of the pyramid, it may seem that the fragrance will appeal more to the tastes of young people as they tend to like fruity and sweet top notes. However, as I said before, I have balanced the body and base with floral and woody notes in a way to bring a “sophisticated” touch that is maybe more suitable for a mature audience.

Is there a go-to note that you like to include in your perfumes?

In my creations, I always like to include both hedion, a floral note that I particularly love, and a touch of citrus at the top to add freshness. The perfume of the Spain Pavilion is no exception and contains these as well. In the end, I think that the personality and signature of a perfumer should always be expressed somehow in its creations. A perfume should take us at this famous crossroad between art and science, which I often refer to.