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Celebrating Talent: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

On the occasion of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we honor the fundamental role that women and girls play in the advancement of science and technology. Through their talent, dedication, and perspectives, they are breaking barriers in traditionally male-dominated fields.

On this special day, we sat down with Araceli Mora, Quality Control Technician and Laila El Anzieli, Junior Laboratory Technician, to reflect on their professional aspirations and achievements.

How has your journey at Iberchem unfolded over the years?

AM: During the 28 years I’ve been working at Iberchem, I had the chance to witness the evolution of the company. Every day, I feel fortunate to be surrounded by a team that is highly supportive and who has fostered my professional growth. After spending some time working in production, I had the opportunity to move into the laboratories in the testing department. In 2012, I was offered to join the Quality Control team, a decision which I’m still happy to have taken.

What advice could you give to young women contemplating a career in science or technology?

AM: The landscape of science is constantly changing, offering a wide range of possibilities for the younger generations. As the needs of our society evolve every day, it is clear to me that we need more resources in science and technology. Besides, students now have access to a plethora of resources and their career paths. This is why I foresee a promising information to navigate future in these fields.

Are you noticing some changes in younger generations?

AM: Absolutely. There were very few women when I started my career. However, over the years, I’ve witnessed a notable surge in female representation across all departments of the company and in the chemical industry in general. Despite some progress, there are still more men than women. There are still many actions we can take so that girls can consider they have the same opportunities in the sector as boys. Still, I know that it is possible.

What motivated you to pursue a career in chemistry?

LE: I chose to study chemistry because I have always had a fascination with understanding how everything works at a molecular level. My constant desire to learn and find useful solutions from a scientific point of view aligns perfectly with the presence and applicability of chemistry in multiple areas. Furthermore, studying chemistry has not only expanded my understanding of the world but also given me the opportunity to impact society in a tangible way.

How do you envision your future within the company?

LE: I would say that it is very positive. I am excited about the learning and development opportunities that the company offers me, and I am willing to take on new challenges and responsibilities over time. I am convinced that with my passion for chemistry and my sense of commitment, I will contribute significantly to the company’s success.