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Iberchem to Further Reduce Annual CO2 Emissions

The installation at the company’s head office has a potential of 234.30 kWp

Iberchem is taking a step further in its commitment to sustainability with the installation of a photovoltaic system that will avoid the emission of 171.74 tons of CO2 annually, the equivalent of the average annual emissions of 37 cars. The project was carried out by Benidorm-based Cubierta Solar, a specialist in self-consumption solutions for companies.

The installation consists of 660 solar panels (of the Canadian Solar KuMax CS3U-355P model). It has a potential peak power of 234.30 kWp and is expected to produce 350,508.54 kWh annually. With a useful life of approximately 30 years, the installation is expected to save Iberchem over €25,000 per year in energy costs, making the company not only more sustainable, but also more competitive thanks to these savings. The region of Murcia receives a large number of hours of sunlight per year, which will allow the installation to be amortised in only a few years.

“Sustainability is increasing in popularity by the day; it is a concept that we should all advocate for. Photovoltaic systems provide many other benefits such as savings in energy costs. In the case of Spain, most of the country is lucky enough to benefit from sunny weather all year long, especially in regions like Murcia or Valencia, as a way to produce green energy,” commented Luis Navarro, manager of Cubierta Solar.

“Our activity requires the use of a wide variety of natural raw materials (flowers, fruits, aromatic plants, etc.) for the development of our fragrances,” highlights José Manuel Frutos, Environmental Project Manager at Iberchem. “Reducing our carbon footprint is of paramount importance in order to protect the ecosystems of the raw materials on which we depend. Although 100% of the energy we use is already renewable, this solar panels project will allow us to be self-sufficient and represents another step in carrying out our activity in a sustainable way. ”

About Cubierta Solar®

Cubierta Solar® has more than 10 years of experience in the solar energy sector. Its various photovoltaic projects produce a total of over 25 MWp of solar energy. The company has reinvented itself with its full-pack solution, based on a photovoltaic self-consumption installation, 100% pre-financed and fully tailored to the energy and economic needs of each client, allowing it to generate and consume its own electrical energy with significant savings of up to 80% of the cost per kWh.