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The favorite smells of: Dion Chandra, Sales Manager, Iberchem Indonesia

As part of our special report on Indonesia, we sat down with Mr. Dion Chandra, sales manager at our office in Jakarta, and asked him to tell us his five favorite smells.

Green tea
I am quite fond of the smell of green tea: its fresh-leafy aroma has a soothing effect on me. Nowadays (and luckily for me) green tea fragrances are getting more and more popular in Indonesia. You see it a lot in massage oils, aromatherapy products and also in personal care products.

White Lily
I started to like the scent of this flower after meeting my wife because it somehow reminds me of her. Probably because she often wears fragrances with lily notes. And she also really likes the flower! She says she loves its sweet-floral scent; rich, deep and long-lasting.

Versace Blue Jeans Eau de Toilette
This was my very first perfume. My father gave it to me when I was 16 years old. I really like the contrast of the fresh citrus top notes with the woody base notes. Overall, the fragrance is fresh and the bottle is quite unique. I remember thinking how cool and original it was when I first saw it. I think I still have it somewhere at home.

Chanel Allure Homme Sport
This is probably my favorite perfume nowadays. The top notes of orange and vanilla make it smooth and soothing when you first apply it. In my opinion, this fragrance represents elegance and style. It is both modern and classic at the same time, making it a timeless perfume.

When you say morning, most people will think of coffee. However, for me, if I could describe this time of day with a scent, it would be the one of toothpaste. I simply love it.  As strange as it may sound, its minty freshness somehow boosts me with confidence.


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