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5 questions with: María-Ángeles Santiago, Perfumer

Where do you think your passion for oriental perfumes comes from?

It came by working at Iberchem. Due to the international presence of the company, it was only a matter of time before I would have to work with oriental perfumes. And it has been love at first sight. I found myself completely mesmerized by the elegance and the simplicity of these perfumes.

What do you like the most about oriental perfumes?

Oriental perfumes combine elements that have been used in perfumery for hundreds of years. Smelling those makes you travel through time and space: musks, precious woods, vanilla, spices and exotic flowers to name a few. They are deep and warm. I think anyone who wears them surrounds himself with a halo of mystery and sensuality.

Which smell would you say brings you the most memories?

The smell of soil, earthy notes, is probably the one that evokes the strongest memories. It somehow revives pleasant episodes of my childhood.

Is there a smell that you can’t stand?

I think it is impossible to hate a smell. Even the one you might consider the worst can play its part in creating a wonderful perfume and give it a unique personality.

A trend you are anticipating for the year to come?

In what regards to oriental perfumery, I would say less agarwood and more leathery and earthy notes. Also the addition of exotic flowers.