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Interview with Thaissa Soares, General Manager Iberchem Brazil

Overall Thaissa, how was your experience at FCE Cosmetic 2022 in São Paulo?

First, it is important to highlight that it was our first event jointly with Croda. In that way, it gave the visitors the chance to discover both companies at the same time. For us, it allowed us to meet each other’s customers.

In addition, FCE Cosmetique is a significant event in our market. After a two-year hiatus, it felt good to meet again with our customers from around the country and from neighboring countries. It also gave us the chance to explore new synergies with Croda. It was an excellent opportunity to see what has changed in the post-pandemic market.

What are the latest fragrances trends and launches in the Brazilian market?

The Brazilian market is definitely on the lookout for new technologies. For instance, there is a marked interest in neuroscience. A good example is Natura’s HUMOR ON (that improves your mood during the day) and HUMOR OFF (that provides relaxing feelings at night). There is also MALBEC X by O Boticário, offering an active (X) that improves sexual desire and attraction power.

Has the show brought new opportunities to Iberchem?

Iberchem launched its centre in Brazil less than a year ago. So the main contribution the fair brought us was visibility on the market. It was the perfect occasion to be known by new customers and strengthen our relationship with existing ones. Overall, FCE Cosmetics, opened new doors to Iberchem.

 Is the Brazilian market keen on demanding sustainable products?

Yes, of course! The Brazilian market is highly interested in sustainable products, mainly natural fragrances and Ecocert Cosmos products. Fortunately, that is an excellent opportunity for us as we offer a wide range of tailor-made options for all sectors and applications, from Ecocert fragrances for use in COSMOS-certified products to biodegradable fragrances and fragrance technologies.

In my opinion, I see a bright future for Iberchem Brazil. The company is very well received so far on the market. What we offer is in line with what local companies are looking for.