5 Questions With: Sampada Satam, Fragrance Evaluator

In a recent visit to Mumbai, we sat down with Sampada Satam, fragrance evaluator at our local creative center. Passionate about fragrances since her childhood, we asked her to tell us more about the importance of smells and fragrances in her life.

What smell would you say is the most characteristic of the city of Mumbai?

There are so many smells in this city. It is hard to only pick one. I guess now that the monsoon season is upon us, I would say earthy, woody and aquatic. It is a very interesting season in terms of scents as the rain reveals some smells that couldn’t be perceived otherwise.

And is this a smell that you like?

Yes, I really like woody notes, especially sandalwood. For me, this raw material is complete in itself. It gives a lot of personality and body to a fragrance. If a fragrance has sandalwood in it, chances are that I will like it.

Could you tell us what your house smells like?

We normally burn incense in our house, either dhoop batti or agarbatti. The ones we use are mostly floral. White flowers to be even more specific.  They also have some woody notes. Just like the kitchen table or the sofa, that smell is an integral part of our house. I almost don’t even notice it anymore.

I see you really like woody notes. Is there any smell you don’t like?

Yes there is! In general, I’m not really fond of sweet and gourmand notes. I know they are usually very popular among girls my age, but I find them too overwhelming.

Is there any fragrance you think you would never get tired of smelling?

Definitely Narcisso Rodriguez For Her by perfumer Christine Nagel. I can totally understand why this perfume, launched 15 years ago, is still relevant. The way she played with musk and flowers in the top notes is simply beautiful. Then you have the amber, the patchouli and the vetiver that reveal themselves majestically.  Pure heaven.

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