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The favorite smells of: Zhan Jingjing, fragrance evaluator, Iberchem Guangzhou

Fragrance evaluators may not be quoted as much as perfumers, but still, their role is more than essential within a fragrance house. We recently sat down with Ms. Zhan Jinjing, fragrance evaluator in our Guangzhou center, and asked her to tell us the five smells she prefers.


Magnolia Flower
The scent of this flower is one of my favorites. Magnolia trees grow tall, and during the blooming season, the scent of their flowers can be carried far away by the breeze. Some people even like to wear pendants made of magnolia petals or to hang them in their cars. For a month or so, the whole city is wearing this delicate fragrance, like a warm touch of happiness.

Oolong Tea
The Fujian province where I grew up has a long history of producing oolong tea. When I was a little girl, I used to help my family picking up tea leaves and making tea. We liked to add our homemade sweet osmanthus sauce when brewing tea. For me, the aroma of tea mixed with sweet osmanthus is redolent of home.

The air after a summer rain
I love that special smell that floats in the air after a summer rainstorm: the natural scent of fresh plants, wet soil, and clean air makes me feel refreshed and invigorated.

A new book
I have always been fond of the smell of a freshly printed book. I usually smell a new book before reading it. It brings back memories of my childhood and the back to school season.

Chloe, Eau de Parfum
The freesia and fruity notes in the top notes of this fragrance represent the sweetness and tenderness of femininity. The rose in the body accords mixed with the woody notes at the base evokes confidence and individuality. Both elegant and daring, it represents the manifestation of strength behind gentleness.

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